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Space Park
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Ride a rocket to extraordinary destinations across our galaxy. During your travels, you’ll gather exotic crystals that further our understanding of what’s out there. Use crystals to earn exploration badges by turning them in at the mysterious Outpost 13 to prove yourself as the galaxy’s next great explorer in Space Park!

Raised in Kickstarter
$47,509.00 / 1,388 backers
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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Mission Report: Destination in Sight
27 days ago – Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 11:02:26 PM


We’re excited to report Space Park is reaching its final stages of manufacturing! Soon it’ll go into hyper-sleep to begin its trek across the vast Pacific. With the approach of this voyage there are a few things we want to update you on.

Origins Last Week

We had our pre-production copy at our Origins booth this past week where we played some demos of Space Park and jumped in on the BGG Twitch Stream for a preview of the gameplay.

Component Preview at Origins
Component Preview at Origins

BackerKit will lock on June 30.

With fulfillment on the horizon, we will lock in your survey answers and addresses on June 30. Please make sure your address is current and that it's a safe shipping destination for the delivery of the game in August. If that comes during a transition time or move for you and you're concerned about shipping, please reach out to us to help find an acceptable shipping location.

Update My Address on BackerKit

GenCon Pickup is Available

If you would like to get your game at GenCon, you can! We’re excited to have a booth again this year where we will be showing Caper, Campy Creatures, and Space Park. For the conference, we have air-freighted a small number of advance copies and Backers can reserve one for pickup. If you will be at GenCon and would like to pick-up your copy of Space Park at our booth ( 2445 ) please fill out this form.

GenCon Pickup Form

Pickup will only be available for the Space Park game. Any other items included in your pledge level will be mailed to you.

Other News

We also working on getting an STL file of Scout sculpted and hope to share it with backers soon. This will allow you to 3D print Scout as a component to use in the game.

Lastly, if you are following along with us on Social media then you might know our next game Caper is coming out soon. It's a two-player drafting game where you are a mastermind thief in charge of recruiting a team and giving them quirky gear to pull off a heist. If you would like to know more or want to pre-order it, you can do so here. We’ll be in touch and can't wait to get Space Park into your hands!

Signing out, 
Mattox ad Kyle

Mission Log 010: Space Park PPC Pics Are In!
2 months ago – Thu, May 17, 2018 at 01:08:32 AM


We’re excited to share details on a recent, mysterious inbound package! As we unearthed its contents, we found the pre-production copy of Space Park. We’ll let the pictures do the talking for this update below, but be sure to scroll to the end and get a sneak peek at the rocket from our manufacturer, Panda. Our journey to delivery is still on schedule and we'll soon be headed into mass production. We'll keep you updated as things progress :) 

Mattox & Kyle

Cruising Right Along!
3 months ago – Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 02:18:50 AM

Hey Explorers!

It's been too long since our last transmission! We've had our heads down working on Space Park and have a lot of news we're excited to share. The files were sent to our manufacturer and we should be receiving the Digital Proofs any day :)

We have received our first samples of the Crystals and mold reference for the Rockets. We sent back a few color tweaks to bring the Crystal colors more in line with the palette in the game, but everything is looking really beautiful in person. The mold reference for the Rockets looks and feels great. Note: The Rocket currently does not have the final finish that will be applied and this is a reference for the mold. 

The first crystal samples and mold reference for the Rockets
The first crystal samples and mold reference for the Rockets

Pledge Manager Email Incoming

We will soon open our Pledge manager system—BackerKit—where you can fill out surveys, update your address along, and manage your pledge and any add-ons. Please look out for an email in the next few days with details. This will also provide ways for others to pre-order the game if you have friends who want it.

New Iconography on the Board

As we finalized all the designs, we really felt like the edge of the board would be more helpful as iconography instead of text. We've tested this and found that once a player understands the action at a destination, they often connect the overall destination to the action—especially because the associated components are next to it. We love the new look and believe it feels more clean and cohesive along with being helpful.

Close-up shots of each of the icons
Close-up shots of each of the icons

New Card Layout

Some of the feedback we’ve received and felt ourselves was for the card layout to feel more integrated into the game. We've updated their design to include different close-up shots of all of Brian’s gorgeous art. Once a badge has been earned, all the necessary information is now in the bottom part—making them easily stackable in front of you for tracking scores and abilities. 

Each background image is related to the place where it's primary Crystal is found
Each background image is related to the place where it's primary Crystal is found

Scout and the Controller

Lastly, we're excited to share final versions of Scout and the Controller (formerly the Scouter) which you'll gain access to through good-ole Astral Arcade. 

You can check out all these things out in the final Rulebook here.

Click to read the Rulebook PDF
Click to read the Rulebook PDF

We hope you love where everything has landed as much as we do. Now that these have been delivered, we'll be able to focus in on the backer's interest in a 3D STL file of Scout and see what we can do. We'll talk soon!

Kyle & Mattox

Mission Kickstarter: Success!
4 months ago – Fri, Mar 09, 2018 at 10:45:03 PM

We cannot believe a month has flown by since we hit the launch button on Space Park’s Kickstarter. It has been a wild rocket ride, and we couldn’t have made this happen without you. We are still a small two-man company in a growing industry, and we appreciate the support that comes from each and every one of you. We owe all of this to the best backers in the galaxy.

Stretch Goal Update

Thank you for helping unlock all these stretch goals! You've helped the production of the game become better in so many ways :) Over the past day, we've done some number crunching with where we've landed to see where Keymaster can stretch as backers have expressed desires towards goals we weren't able to hit.

We didn't want to take away any past goals we hit, so we felt it best to just go for it and add the next goal stretch goal into the game as some money will still be raised through BackerKit from now til launch date. We're happy to say that the cards and location tiles in the game will now be 13% bigger :) 

Lastly, since we didn't hit the Plastic Insert we will be looking at affordable, yet nice ways to keep everything settled in the box—such as also printing on the bottom inside area and giving all crystals and chipboard pieces their own plastic bags. We're also looking at the possibility of having Scout as an add-on, but it's proving to be a little tricky since the upfront cost of a mold is where most of the expense would be. We'll keep you updated as we chat with our manufacturer and we will look into providing STL files of Scout if we can't make the add-on happen. 

What’s Next

Now, much of the work really starts so we can get Space Park into your hands as quick as possible. We’re finalizing details with our manufacturer so we can begin sending the final art to them. We're also headed to GAMA next week where we'll be pitching Space Park to big box retailers. Fingers crossed it goes well :) We will keep you informed through updates as this process takes place over the next few months.

Backerkit and Surveys

We’ll be handling everything post campaign through our friends at BackerKit. You will automatically have a Backerkit account through your Kickstarter email. You will have access to add-ons and be able to edit your shipping address in case you move before we start the fulfillment process. We will send out surveys to gather addresses, shirt sizes, and poster choices in the next few weeks.

We'll be in touch! 
Mattox and Kyle

A Look into Astral Arcade and the Final Week
5 months ago – Fri, Mar 02, 2018 at 11:12:27 PM

Greetings Explorers, 

Boy, do we have a jam-packed update for you! First, we're excited to share One Board Family recent preview on Space Park saying: 


Read the full preview here and we were also overjoyed to be a part of their recent podcast talking about game development. In other news, The Dice Tower's Board Game Breakfast did a segment on Space Park that had us happy as a clam... in space. 

New Artwork for Astral Arcade

On the space frontier side of things, we're thrilled to unveil the final artwork for our final location—Astral Arcade.

You can find updated wallpapers of it in the backer exclusive update here. At Astral Arcade, you'll gain the Scouter and a Fast Travel Token. You'll also get to move Scout to the location of your choice. Speaking of Scout, let's talk about his new design. 

New Scout Design

We're received a few comments mentioning the desire for Scout to feel a little more a part of Space Park's world. We went back to the drawing board and have been really digging this concept sketch from Brian. 

We're excited to see where this sketch can head and if we are able to reach the stretch goal of turning Scout into a mini then we'll look at how we can interpret this design into that space as it requires some fine-tuning. Speaking of Stretch Goals ;) let's talk about those. 

Updated Stretch Goals

We heard backers' desire on a few things for the Stretch Goals. The first was for the rockets to have a unique color other than the current grayish white ones. We've updated the goal of the wash to instead be a metallic silver paint on them :) This will come out being a similar color to the silver one here from Sol.

Another voiced-desire is for Scout to become a mini. We took a hard look at Stretch Goals, where a lot of the resources were going, and how the campaign was going. From those findings, we've decided to remove to metal Scouter to make Scout's mini a more attainable goal with where we are at currently. This allows us to bring that goal down by $20,000 and the Scouter will still be a nice, thick chipboard piece—it might actually end up becoming a retro arcade-style controller as the Scouter idea isn't a prevalent in the new Scout design. You can see all the updated stretch goals here and please let us know if you have any questions about them:

Giveaway Next Week

We've got some plans to hopefully give the last week a big push. Be on the lookout for a social media giveaway next week where we will be giving away a game, shirt, and big destination poster.

Talk soon!
Mattox & Kyle