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Space Park
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Ride a rocket to extraordinary destinations across our galaxy. During your travels, you’ll gather exotic crystals that further our understanding of what’s out there. Use crystals to earn exploration badges by turning them in at the mysterious Outpost 13 to prove yourself as the galaxy’s next great explorer in Space Park!

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$47,509.00 / 1,388 backers
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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Fulfillment Update
11 days ago – Tue, Sep 11, 2018 at 06:52:41 PM

Greetings explorers!

Thank you to all shout outs in our comments from those who have received their games. We love hearing from you and seeing all your unboxing and gameplay pictures on social media! Several of you have asked about Posters. The printer has the order and the posters will be shipped directly from them very soon. Note, they are being shipped separately, so this has no impact on game shipment.

We checked in with Quartermaster on Monday for an update on international fulfillment and wanted to pass along what we know. As a primer, Asia, Australia, and Canada are on track to start fulfillment the week of 9/17. Europe is looking like week of 9/24, but that is at risk. Read on for details.

Europe: As of our last update, we were under the impression that GamesQuest (Europe fulfillment company) would be receiving the games this week. Unfortunately, Quartermaster did not anticipate the number games that needed to be shipped to Europe. They pivoted to freighting the batch, adding extra time to the process. They are finalizing the specs of the shipment and per their update yesterday, they are pushing hard to get this finished quickly. Once compiled, they can actually schedule it to be air freighted to GamesQuest. Once they schedule it, your games will take 3-5 days to arrive at which point we will provide an update on fulfillment. This means, that even if the shipment leaves before Friday, at best, games won't start fulfilling until late next week. This is also dependent on GamesQuest's capacity. We will be seeking regular updates from QM and passing along relevant information.

Asia: Games are en route and should arrive at the fulfillment center (VFI) by the end of the week. From there, VFI will schedule them for fulfillment. We anticipate them to be shipped the week of the 17th. We will update you otherwise.

Australia: Games are en route and should arrive at the fulfillment center (Aetherworks) by the end of the week. From there, Aetherworks will schedule them for fulfillment. We anticipate them to be shipped the week of the 17th. We will update you otherwise.

Canada: Games are shipping to the fulfillment center (Snakes and Lattes) today. We are waiting on an estimated arrival date. From there, we expect a quick turnaround, similar to Asia/AUS. Hopeful for week of 9/14.

US: All game orders have shipped. If you have not received a tracking number for your game’s package, please send us a message.

We’re very sorry that international shipping is taking longer than we initially stated. As soon as we hear that all games have landed at their respective warehouses, we will send out another update with a further refined schedule.

Thanks for your understanding and patience!
The Keymaster Team

"Starlight Station, We Have Liftoff"
22 days ago – Sat, Sep 01, 2018 at 12:10:44 AM

Hello Explorers!

After much waiting and many, many spreadsheets, we're happy to announce we have liftoff! Last night, the first batch of US games left Quartermaster's dock and arrived at a FedEx routing facility. We peeked at a few of the tracking numbers and it looks like some of them will be arriving as early as tomorrow! The remainder of the US games should be going out between now and next Thursday. The package will include the base game and any add-ons you ordered with the exception of posters. These will be come separately from our printer.

For international backers, your games will follow closely! Quartermaster will be getting them to one of their other distribution centers and those should start going out from there the week of the 10th.

Thanks everyone for you patience! When you get your game on the table, please send us some pics on IG or Twitter :) Also, we'd love to hear your thoughts on BoardGameGeek! Your engagement on BGG and social media goes a long way.

What next?

More games, of course! Yesterday, we teased our first ever expansion which will be Kickstarted (soonalongside our second print run of Campy Creatures.

As we get toward the end of fulfillment, we will be writing a longer thank you as well as pointing you to some additional ways to stay connected with us. For now, just know that the galaxy wouldn't be the same without you.


We also wanted to address a few questions here.

Scout! - We are getting the details finalized on the STL file to 3D print Scout. Look out for the download of it in the near future.

Carriers - Quartermaster uses a lot of different shipping partners, but the majority of your games will be shipped via FedEx Smartpost which basically means FedEx gets it to your post office and your mail person takes it the last mile!

How can my friend's get in? Space Park will be available at your FLGS and directly from us through Amazon on 10/3! We also recently got word that Barnes and Nobles will be testing it in 20 stores (woohoo!). If see one in a B&N, let us know!!!

That's all for now! Happy Labor Day weekend for those in the US!
Matt, Kyle, and Mattox

Captain's Log 082718: Port Starlight ⚓️
about 1 month ago – Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 10:34:33 PM

Docking at Starlight Station

Explorers! Space Park is nearing the final end of its journey. The games have landed in Florida and we are getting updates from Quartermaster, our fulfillment company, to hear when they clear customs. Shortly afterwards it'll make a trip to their fulfillment center, and then everyone will start receiving tracking numbers!

In Other News

We asked our friend @bocksgames to paint some Space Park rockets for our demos and man did he do an out of this world job! 😍🚀 Each set has its own unique theme and there are so many more possibilities. Are you planning on painting the rockets? If so, we’d love to see where you take them 😃

GenCon Recap

Thanks so much for all those who swung by our booth! We had the designer of Space Park giving demos and it was so encouraging to see all the excited backers. Our new Keymaster teammate, Matt, was so excited for his first con that he might demoed until he started coughing blood 😬. Opps! Do you have any good first con stories? Post them below!

You can see some pics below of the layout, Henry, and our booth. 

BoardGameGeek Reviews

We've been tracking BGG reviews and it's been fun to see what people are thinking of the game. Here are a couple of our favorites. 

  • A really solid mini game with fun, interactive mechanics and a really well executed theme. Solo play makes a fun "puzzle" for the player to solve in a very short amount of time, making it challenging enough to play multiple times. — SeekPictures
  • Absolutely incredible art and production value - exactly what Keymaster Games is becoming known for providing. Gameplay is really good with 2 and phenomenal with 3. Quick turns, easy to learn, but really fun and there's always a decision to be made on your turn. Looking forward to trying the interesting and clever solo mode too.futhee

Thanks again and be on the lookout update in the near future once fulfillment begins. 

Kyle, Matt, & Mattox

Captain’s Log 072018: The Sea Voyage
2 months ago – Sat, Jul 21, 2018 at 02:02:24 AM

It's on a boat!

That's right, Space Park is currently making its way across the Pacific! Hopefully a Kaiju doesn't have a taste for space crystals. Speaking of crystals, there was a issue at the end of manufacturing where crystal sizes/colors were swapped. While our KS page had August as our expected delivery date, our internal goal was to ship to backers by GenCon (early August). Unfortunately, this hiccup was big enough that we will miss that date. That said, there is still a scenario where orders start shipping by August 31. Right now, our boat is scheduled to pull into Jacksonville, FL the week of the 20th. Once through customs, it's a quick 135 mile drive down to Quartermaster's fulfillment center in Orlando. 

GenCon - Booth 2445

This leads us to GenCon. When we realized we were going to miss our earlier shipping window, we had to make a decision regarding our ability to sell at GenCon. We are a small company, we have other jobs to support our families, and GenCon revenue is a huge deal for us. Almost 50% of our annual, non-kickstarter revenue comes from GenCon sales. GenCon also allows us to put games in the hands of folks who might never back us on Kickstarter. So, we decided to air freight a limited number of copies in order to accomplish three things:

  • Honor our commitment for GenCon pickup to those who signed up
  • Provide review copies of the game in order to generate more buzz before our retail street date
  • Sell enough copies to cover our GenCon costs.

We realize this means that some non-backers will get a game before all of our backers. We are sorry we were not able to get the games to you sooner. That said, the GenCon Pickup Form is still active, so if you are going to be in the area, come get your game! As a reminder for those that are picking up, be sure to bring a valid ID.

Last bit of GenCon news: Henry Audubon, Space Park's lead designer, will be joining us for the weekend so come by, get your game signed—if you'd like, we get it—and congratulate him on getting his first game published! He may even tell you something about his next project...

In Other News

So you've got two new games this year, sold out of Control, and still no Campy expansions!?!? What's going on? With this being our third successful Kickstarter and with our other release—Caper—going straight to retail in September we've been looking at the future of Keymaster and how we can grow. So, we are happy to announce that we've added a new member to the team, Matt Aiken.

You'll be hearing more from Matt in the future as he's taking over a lot of our project management, but suffice it to say, he is going to help us deliver more quality games to you. We're grateful to have him and can't wait 

Until next time,
Mattox and Kyle

Mission Report: Destination in Sight
3 months ago – Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 11:02:26 PM


We’re excited to report Space Park is reaching its final stages of manufacturing! Soon it’ll go into hyper-sleep to begin its trek across the vast Pacific. With the approach of this voyage there are a few things we want to update you on.

Origins Last Week

We had our pre-production copy at our Origins booth this past week where we played some demos of Space Park and jumped in on the BGG Twitch Stream for a preview of the gameplay.

Component Preview at Origins
Component Preview at Origins

BackerKit will lock on June 30.

With fulfillment on the horizon, we will lock in your survey answers and addresses on June 30. Please make sure your address is current and that it's a safe shipping destination for the delivery of the game in August. If that comes during a transition time or move for you and you're concerned about shipping, please reach out to us to help find an acceptable shipping location.

Update My Address on BackerKit

GenCon Pickup is Available

If you would like to get your game at GenCon, you can! We’re excited to have a booth again this year where we will be showing Caper, Campy Creatures, and Space Park. For the conference, we have air-freighted a small number of advance copies and Backers can reserve one for pickup. If you will be at GenCon and would like to pick-up your copy of Space Park at our booth ( 2445 ) please fill out this form.

GenCon Pickup Form

Pickup will only be available for the Space Park game. Any other items included in your pledge level will be mailed to you.

Other News

We also working on getting an STL file of Scout sculpted and hope to share it with backers soon. This will allow you to 3D print Scout as a component to use in the game.

Lastly, if you are following along with us on Social media then you might know our next game Caper is coming out soon. It's a two-player drafting game where you are a mastermind thief in charge of recruiting a team and giving them quirky gear to pull off a heist. If you would like to know more or want to pre-order it, you can do so here. We’ll be in touch and can't wait to get Space Park into your hands!

Signing out, 
Mattox ad Kyle